Health Coaching for Young Athletes Seeking TBI Recovery

The Practice


My Coaching Mission

"I am committed to supporting young athletes who have been sidelined to get back in the game."

Gail Waitkun

Certified IIN Health Coach

TBI Success Story

Experience and Professionalism

As a certified IIN Health Coach and a TBI survivor, I will serve as an informed catalyst, guiding you to design a custom TBI recovery plan. Implementing the most effective ways to nurture your mind and body so you can heal quickly and  get back in the game.

My experience and certifications place your healing needs first, providing high-quality customer service and commitment to health and wellness. 

I provide signature tools to get where you want to be at a pace that is safe and effective.

A Survivor Who Cares

Getting back up after being knocked down from 

a TBI is not easy, I know.

As an athlete, physical activity was a challenge after my injury, as my performance had changed drastically. 

I will assist you in prioritizing your needs and help you relay information to those who are part of your recovery team. With my TBI-specific Health Coaching methods,  I will guide you in developing a personalized program that will improve your brain and physical well being.